AM241T 11M

Connect To The World At Home With FHD Webcam

No matter what you are learning, working or cooking at home, you can connect to the world with MSI FHD webcam which brings the best video quality. The camera is removable if you need more privacy.


When a sound is heard, it automatically recognizes and separates vocal sound from background noises; hence, filtering out all the unwanted Noise.

*Please download the latest MSI Center APP through download page.

Anti Flicker Less Blue Light Anti Glare

Anti-Flicker With Eye-Care Technology

Thanks to MSI’s Anti-Flicker technology, it eliminates flickering and effectively reduces eye fatigue caused by prolonged screen time while enhancing the productivity at home or in the office.

Less Blue Light Technology

The Less Blue Light Mode filters visual exposure to the blue spectrum light caused by daily use scenarios and brings the most comfortable viewing experience for users.

Anti-Glare Panel Reduces Eyestrain

Reflected light or glare can be very fatiguing to the eyes and reduces the contrast, colors and sharpness of the display. An anti-glare display makes viewing the display more pleasant and reduces eyestrain for users.

  • Anti-Flicker
  • Less Blue Light
  • Anti-Glare
Anti Flicker Less Blue Light Anti Glare

See More, Do More At Home

Thanks to MSI’s Instant Display Technology, Modern AM241 series can also be used as a monitor without booting up its system. When devices are connected to the HDMI™-in port, the screen will be turned on immediately.

Learn & Preview With A Second Monitor At Home

Modern AM241 series allows you to extend a second monitor to pre-view your E-commerce content & data at home or in the office to enhance the efficiency for you.

Hook Your Style At Home

Modern AM241 series can be mounted to the wall in your office or home, thanks to its VESA interface standard which makes the PC completely invisible on your desk and brings more space & stylish environment for you.

  • Instant Display
  • HDMI™-out
  • VESA Mountable
AM241T 11M

Mount With MSI VESA Arm

Enjoy a clean cable management with the MSI MT81 which supports the VESA standards, you can share any information or e-learning material with family at home or in the office.

AM241T 11M

Reversible Type-C With USB 3.2 Gen 2

When backup your projects at home you can get all the performance benefits from USB 3.2 Gen2, combined with the convenience of the USB Type-C connector.

The reversible USB Type C also allows for effortless connecting of USB devices.

Easy Maintenance Design

With the Storage Rapid Upgrade Design, maintaining or upgrading your 2.5” storage on Modern AM241 series will not be a nightmare any more.

AM241T 11M

Opportunity To The World for Your E-Commerce At Home

It is indispensable to have a stable data & information platform for your growing E-commerce/ M-commerce at home.

Up To i7-1165G7
Support Windows 10 Pro
Up To 64GB

FREE Upgrade to Windows 11*

AM241T 11M

Work From Home with IPS Grade Panel

Modern AM241 Series is equipped with IPS Grade Panel which not only instantly optimizes the screen colors and brightness , but also ensures that you have the best E-commerce management experience while working from home or learning its professional tasks at home.

178° Wide Viewing Angle

Make Every Detail Clear

AM241T 11M

Secure Your E-Commerce Data At Home & In The Office

FW TPM (Trusted Platform Module) technology is designed to provide hardware-based, security-related functions. You can store your sensitive data & passwords by encryption keys for advanced security.

Cool & Silence Your World Even You Didn’t Notice It

Modern AM241 Series is equipped with Silent Pro Cooling System. Part of this system is a Server Grade Thermal Module that handles the cooling of different components within the system. Besides that we put the most important key components on the top side so warm air can easily move out and we separate the air flow to make sure the system's temperature stays perfectly under control for a cool and silent operation.

Just enjoy the Silent, Stable & Professional Experience.

AM241T 11M

Successful & Stylish B2B projects

Over the past years, MSI has successfully supported Countless of commercial projects, including government tenders, restaurant & hotel facilitation, shopping mall navigation projects, school & university developments and professional office projects.

Find more details about many of these projects on:

Modern AM241 11M

  • Windows 10 Home
    - MSI recommends Windows 11 Pro for business
    Windows 11'e ÜCRETSİZ Yükseltme1
  • 23.8" IPS Grade Panel LED Backlight (1920 x 1080 FHD)
  • Intel® Tiger Lake processors with DDR4 memory
  • FHD Webcam included
  • MSI Anti-Flicker & Less Blue Light technologies protect users' eyes.
  • Instant Display Technology makes AIO become to monitor mode without system booting up
  • MSI Storage Rapid Upgrade Design helps you to rapidly upgrade or maintain your 2.5" storage
  • USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type C with reversible design & USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type A ports provide the best data delivery experience & support Super Charger
  • Silent PRO Cooling System: Server Grade Thermal Module ensures a silent and stable operation with a longer life cycle
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