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Conquer the Battlefield

The MAG series was born through rigorous quality testing and designed to be a symbol of sturdiness and durability. Focused on providing the best user experience, the MAG series has a simple installation process coupled with a friendly user interface making it the best choice for entry level gamers.

Enchant Your Setup

  • The front panel’s LED light strip is capable of showing an abundance of colors, stunning onlookers with its striking looks.
  • The MAG VAMPIRIC 300R MIDNIGHT GREEN’s ARGB lighting is fully supported by MSI Mystic Light.
  • The VGA support bracket is capable of sustaining graphics cards of different weights and sizes.
  • The 3mm hinged tempered glass swinging window offers the best durability and system accessibility.
  • The MAG VAMPIRIC 300 Series can mount up to 7 fans.