The MPG SEKIRA 500P is the most innovative, sophisticated and customizable gaming chassis inspired by the Axe of Perun, the most powerful & highest God in Pantheon. Its sharp, chiseled edges and the tilted slash across the facade reflect the power of the Axe of Perun while terminating the wickedness & evil for justice.

  • Water Cooling

  • 4mm Tempered

  • Optimize Air

  • System Fan

  • Vertical Graphics

Optimized Air Flow

Three fans aligned vertically on the front to draw in air evenly across the entire face of the enclosure. That will contribute to positive air pressure within the case, the rising warm airwill will always be exhausted with the rear and top airflow from the MPG SEKIRA 500P.

vertical graphics support

Tool-Less Tempered Glass: Two hinged swing-doors

vertical graphics support

Two hinged swing-doors with premium-quality 4mm thick tempered glass design guarantees window durability and viewing capability

Ready for All Motherboards

Designed with multiple easy installation mechanisms & accommodated an up to EATX motherboard to provide an unhindered building experience.


Built for a Prime Fan Capacity

Built for a Prime Radiator Capacity

Vertical Graphics support

vertical graphics support

* A riser cable is required to install the graphics card vertically, and it is sold separately.

Fit up to three graphics cards in standard orientation, or one with vertical way for extra showcase.





MSI Reminds you :
Because of the limitations of chipset, this MB does not support Win98/ME.