The system shuts down after playing game for about 30 minutes. Tried to reboot it, but doesn't work. The power button lights up but the screen remains no post… After further testing and keep the NB turned on for 20-30 seconds, it shows post and run normally again.

Tür: Game
Son Güncelleme: Tue, 13 Jul 2010


It looks like that the user over-clocked the notebook manually and causes instability to the system with the setting provided. Whenever O.C failed, the system needs about 20~30 seconds time to get fully recovered. There are two methods to recover from the O.C. failure as stated below: 1. Power on the system and wait 20~30 seconds for system to recover from O.C. failed setting.
2. Unplug & Plug battery and AC power.  Press Hot start key then press Power button.