That depends on the way you install the OS.
1. If a user wants to use MSI F3 recovery function and make it locate the SATA HDD to be the OS DISK, it’s impossible, because:
Our recovery image will use SSD and SATA HDD at the same time.
Default system will be built in SSD (DISK 1), and the hidden recovery image will be in SATA HDD (DISK2).
If you force to disable SSD, the F3 recovery function might fail because it can't find the default DISK.
And Recovery application will always locate the SSD partition, so we can't change the recovery DISK.
2. But if a user wants to give up the F3 recovery function, then he can try to use manually install a new OS by XP or VISTA WINDOWS installation DISC.
3. If a user wants to manually install his OS, please refer to faq_0000000000187_al.pdf. Also he has to download “SI SATA Controller” driver from U115 driver page. It will be a complicated process, so we don’t recommend the user to do that.