Anahtar Kelime

FAQ - Old List

Tablet - What is the maximum resolution supported over HDMI?
Laptops - Why the battery can't be charged?
Laptops - When we do the display switching by pressing Fn+F2 with external display connected, CinemaPro would stop working, and the system would jump up an error message as below picture.
Laptops - How to check THX version and know THX EQ is installed?
Laptops - I cannot run benchmark utilities on my laptop and it pops up a message saying that my laptop does not support DirectX 11.
Tablet - How do I enable and disable G-sensor?
Laptops - The system cannot detect my external USB camera.
Laptops - A 3Dboost error message jumped out after I created a new user account.
Laptops - When I use Sentelic touchpad, the horizontal scrolling function is missing while using certain programs, such as firefox and excel 2000.
Laptops - When I install 2 memory modules which are different CL value from each other, I can’t boot my NB normally. For example, Dimm1 =>Trancend DDR2, CL5 Dimm2 =>Trancend DDR2, CL6