Anahtar Kelime

FAQ - Old List

Laptops - If you connect a bootable e-sata disk to the GT740 it automatically tries to boot from it. When you try to change the boot order in the bios, you can only select the e-sata disk. The internal HDD has disappeared.
Laptops - The CPU would reach to full speed, but it won't operate higher than 913MHZ, if system power on with AC and battery together then unplug AC, remain DC only.
Laptops - PCIE express card hot plug failed. When you plug in the card there’s no response, but when you reboot the notebook the card is recognized.
Laptops - Is it possible to disable the SSD Module in BIOS, so that the recovery can be installed on the SATA HDD ?  I also tried BIOS setting for 1st drive IDE and 2nd drive disabled, but didn’t help.
Laptops - Why is that disconnecting the adapter will subject to black display and turn the display back in a few frame periods?
Laptops - ATI graphic does not do 1920x1080 full screen on HDMI. It displays black bars (both horizontally and vertically). See attached pictures.
Laptops - I got max 150 MBit connection on Ralink RT3090 WLAN, shouldn’t the N-Draft be 300 MBit ? And XP and WIN7 both get the same result.
Laptops - The wireless function key Fn+F8 is malfunction when sets the IGD VGA under BIOS menu.
Laptops - Can’t transfer (upload/download) larger files over a Gigabit Network. The file transfer is interrupted suddenly while in progress because of lost connection and then the LAN device disappeared in device manager.
Laptops - The graphic (nVIDIA GeForce GTX 425M) gets a poor performance as the score of 3D Mark06 is only 3164.