Anahtar Kelime

FAQ - Old List

Laptops - My battery cannot be charged and it remains 0%.
Laptops - I can't browse internet under Windows XP environment.
Laptops - My camera display rotates 180 degrees under Microsoft Windows XP Netmeeting when link to other computers.
Laptops - Sometimes the touch sensor keys don't work (even during boot up).
Laptops - 1. The system will enter BSOD mode when AVEO cap software is executed and then at the same time enabling the webcam function through “My computer --> webcam device”. 2. The system can’t resume from sleep mode when the application “AVEO cap” is running.
Laptops - There is a horizontal strips can be seen whenever the user sets the display to dual mode during gaming and movie watching (using external monitor through HDMI or D-SUB)
Laptops - There are visible horizontal ripples can be seen clearly on the display screen.
Laptops - Webcam display is upside down at the resolution 800x600/1024x768/1280x1024 under Windows 7 32/64bit. However, the default resolution 640x480 or lower values will not have this problem.
Laptops - The PCI Express speed will drop down to x1 when the PowerPlay of Plugged In is set to Maximize Battery Life under ATI CCC but the speed can’t automatically return to x16 when changed it back to Maximize Performance; the PCI express speed still shows x1 under GPU-Z.
Laptops - The screen is flickering whenever playing a video file.