Anahtar Kelime

FAQ - Old List

Laptops - The display shows a delay for popping up the menus, Starter menu, Run menu, etc. under Windows XP.
Laptops - I got an error message as below and the Fingerprint cannot work. What can I do?
Laptops - Why my WLAN will disconnect automatically when watching online video streaming (for about 2 minutes) under XP. My notebook has equipped with MS-6891 WLAN card and website is www.pms.co.kr.
Laptops - When I try to watch videos on Youtube, the screen goes black and I need to restart the system to make it normal again.
Laptops - When playing the copyrighted DVD by Media player at IGPU mode of VGA, and close Media player, then changes the VGA setting to DGPU mode, the system will hang up.
Laptops - Why does the system occasionally hang up in Windows 7 boot logo during Windows 7 OS loading after I inserted SD card? Note: Issue will happen even when you restart your system.
Laptops - Under any AC mode circumstances (AC mode/AC mode + Battery) after system enters S3 mode then force shutdown, system cannot boot up afterwards.
Laptops - I always experienced random BSOD when Installing XP.
Laptops - System results to white screen when watching video streaming on certain websites.
Laptops - I can see white spots blinking during log in. Note: Can only be seen under Windows XP