Anahtar Kelime

FAQ - Old List

Laptops - Based on the specs sheet, it is written there that the integrated graphic card used in the system is ATI® HD3410, but why is it that in device manager and GPU-Z it shows HD3400?
Laptops - SiS 191 Lan controller can't support Gigabit?
Laptops - After my fresh installation of Windows XP, as I pressed the WIFI button consecutively for about 5 to 6 times, system will hang followed by a loud beeping sound directly from the system speakers. The only way to recover is by pressing the power button around 4 seconds which pushes the system to forced shutdown. After system restarts, everything is normal again.
Laptops - Can the P1 key found on the notebook be customized as user defined?
Laptops - There is no display shown on the external monitor when using port replicator DVI interface.
Laptops - I can hear some noise coming from the speakers (left and right) during music playback using Windows Media Player under Windows 7.
Laptops - When I switch ECO mode or enable turbo mode under Windows 7, it takes about 5~20 seconds for SCM On Screen Display (OSD) to be displayed.
Laptops - When I use Cyberlink PowerDVD to watch HD/BD movie, the CPU always run at heavy loading consistently.
Laptops - I cannot use webcam after updating the BIOS to version 1.40. What can I do?
Laptops - The manual shows that when the Power LED indicator is turned off, the system is in usage, but it seems that the sequence is opposite compared to what the manual says.