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FAQ - Old List

Laptops - When I set power option “Choose what closing the lid does” to “do nothing”, the display still goes off when I close the lid.
Laptops - My NB gets BSOD whenever I minimize or maximize (set to full screen) Windows Media Center.
Laptops - I cannot access Control Panel properties namely: network properties, user properties, system properties. What do I need to do?
Laptops - What's the spec of Huawei 3.5G WLAN card?
Laptops - What is the maximum resolution X410’s HDMI can support?
Laptops - Can my NB support 1080p 60Hz?
Laptops - The screen goes black and hangs up after close the lid when “close the lid” is set to “Do nothing” under Windows 7 32/64 bit.
Laptops - Why the system sometimes occurring hangs up when you close the lid forcibly or knock the lid?
Laptops - Why user can not find out LAN card device in device manager?
Laptops - How to enable Opel GL2.0 and Directdraw to play games?