Anahtar Kelime

FAQ - Old List

Laptops - When browsing internet or playing Microsoft Windows bundled game under battery mode for about 20 minutes, why the screen will flicker for a very short time?
Laptops - Why the system occurs "pa pa" sound when playing music under Windows 7 system?
Laptops - Why the System can't wake up or hang from sleep mode?
Laptops - Why the back light of monitor has showed up very dark when the power switches to battery mode?
Laptops - Whenever the system resumes for the following power state: sleep (S3), hibernate (S4), shutdown/restart (S5); having the touchpad function disabled in the earlier state, I cannot enable the Touchpad any longer.
Laptops - What's the specification of SonyEricsson 3.5G F3507g card installed in the system?
Laptops - Can’t install the VGA driver “8.690-091211a-096612C-MSI (WHQL)” downloaded from msi global website
Laptops - Optical disk drive cannot be detected when AHCI is “DISABLED”. When installing Windows XP and setting the AHCI mode to “DISABLE”, Optical Disk Drive (ODD) cannot be recognized by the system.
Laptops - When pressing the Boot menu key F11, nothing happens. Besides, system will continue to read ODD and then HDD. Furthermore, I cannot change the boot priority of the bios.
Laptops - The keyboard will hang up/fail after playing game for a while.