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FAQ - Old List

Laptops - How to run 3DMark06 on models with ATI Graphics?
Laptops - During Windows Vista OS installation, the monitor sometimes displays abnormally.
Laptops - When I press power button to boot up; occasionally (around twice or thrice a week), system will hang at POST screen displaying MSI logo. To resolve this issue, I usually unplug the battery and AC power for several seconds then plug them back again.
Laptops - The system shuts down after playing game for about 30 minutes. Tried to reboot it, but doesn't work. The power button lights up but the screen remains no post… After further testing and keep the NB turned on for 20-30 seconds, it shows post and run normally again.
Laptops - If you press Fn + F3 to disable the touchpad, the LCD brightness will also decrease to the middle stage(50%). It happens on Windows XP.
Laptops - My system Can’t detect Bluetooth devices even if I have properly configured the device.
Laptops - Under Windows XP/Vista, system will result to hang-up/black screen after resuming from Stand-by mode (S3)
Laptops - What is the unknown device “ACPI\PNP0C32” in the device manager? (This will only come out when I manually install the OS)
Laptops - The Marketing name is wrong "MEGA BOOK PX200“ at BIOS A1226IMS.101 / EC Firmware 1226EMS1.420
Laptops - The system will BSOD occasionally under Windows Vista. VGA driver version used is 8.510.0.0