Anahtar Kelime

FAQ - Old List

Laptops - Windows 7 XP mode is not working.
Laptops - Whenver the system resumes from stand-by mode (S3), brightness level cannot be adjust anymore; and to recover the function, I need to always restart the system.
Laptops - System hangs up when running Everest Ultimate Edition 5.30.1909
Laptops - When I use LCD displat test tool like LCD.EXE to run grayscale test, I will see the noise on the screen.
Laptops - There is an annoying audible noise can be heard when playing music using external USB speaker.
Laptops - Everytime I press the P1 key then nothing happens. Moreover, the user manual claimed that it should turn on the ECO function. I followed every step in the manual but it turned out nothing happens.
Laptops - I can see red "X" mark on the icon of Bison camera located in the system tray. (or you cannot even access the features of the webcam)
Laptops - Outlook 2007 will hang when you delete mails by pressing del key during receiving mails from exchange server. Both XP and Vista have the issue.
Laptops - After I install all Windows Vista 32-bit drivers from the driver CD G71-NDW1074-X03, every time I run 3D Mark 2006, the screen shrinks to very low resolution of 640x480.
Laptops - When using WLAN & LAN for a while, sometimes they will suddenly disappear thus function cannot be used. But after system restarts, they are fully functional again.