Anahtar Kelime

FAQ - Old List

Tablet - When I upgrade to Windows 8, why can’t the screen be oriented?
Tablet - Why can my 110W not upgrade to Windows 8? During the upgrade, there’s a message showed that I need at least 20GB free space to upgrade.
Tablet - There is an error message while selecting “日本語ユーザー辞書”, and I can’t add any word.
Laptops - CPU core speed is always set at 800MHz in BIOS Setup Utility.
Laptops - KB doesn’t respond when holding Multiple Keys.
Tablet - Is it possible to type other languages when using external keyboard other than English?
Laptops - Why can't I log in my MSN? The error code is 80048401.
Laptops - When pressing Fn and Enter key, they just act the same like pressing Enter key simply in some applications. For example: When using the font tool in Photoshop on a CR460, pressing enter key or Fn+enter key will always perform the same action: Finishing the job. In this situation, users are unable to return the line. However, on other models, pressing enter key only will perform returning the line correctly.
Motherboards - How can I setup my system to let it automatically wake up at 9:00AM every morning?
Motherboards - How can I recover my motherboard after bios flash failed?