Anahtar Kelime

FAQ - Old List

Laptops - Before upgrading Windows Vista to Windows 7, please do the following to back up your personal data.
Laptops - How to use Windows XP mode under Windows 7
Laptops - Black screen resulted after changeing BIOS Graphic Setting. (If you change the setting of Boot Graphic Adapter Priority to IGD and then Save and Exit to leave BIOS Setup Menu, you will get a black screen upon boot up)
Laptops - When playing WMV file by Windows Media Player under Vista or Win 7, dragging the media player to an external monitor display at extended mode would causes green color spread or blurred image.
Laptops - Using Wireless LAN Ralink 6890/6891, system often disconnects.
Laptops - When using external monitor device, if you change the resolution setting of ATI VGA Graphics to 1080P and switch the system to DVI / HDMI mode, the external monitor will either not show any display or blink occasionally.
Laptops - Why I cannot see the memory information like frequency in CPU-Z? I am running the latest version 1.51.
Laptops - When I install 2 memory modules which are different CL value from each other, I can’t boot my NB normally. For example, Dimm1 =>Trancend DDR2, CL5 Dimm2 =>Trancend DDR2, CL6
Laptops - When attempting to install Microsoft Windows XP or a previous version on an AHCI-enabled system will cause the setup to fail with the error message "set up could not detect hard disk drive...”
Laptops - After using Crazy talk in video recording, the screen becomes black and doesn’t show video output when playing the recorded file.