Anahtar Kelime

FAQ - Old List

Laptops - When you log in to the system and create new account; then you shut down the system, you will see the below message: "Windows is configuring updates…", but your NB is not connected to the internet, thus the screen will not respond for 5 minutes; followed by system shut down.Lastly, when you restart the system, you will see the same message, and the screen will not respond for about 5~10 minutes before entering the O.S. Note: This problem will keep on occurring even when restarts are made.
Laptops - When you log in to your Vista system not using the “administrator” account, the system will pop up the warning message: "Windows could not connect to the System Event Notification Service service"
Laptops - The harddisk would not be recognized when install Windows XP. How can I install Windows XP on NB?
Laptops - When I multitask, such as playing music and doing word documentation (or even in any ways of multitasking) under Windows XP system, the sound of the music am listening will be broadcasted intermitently.
Laptops - When you play music on Microsoft media player, it will sometimes show black screen.
Laptops - When I use Fn + F5 to increase LCD brightness, it seems doesn't work.
Laptops - How to enable ATi Hybrid Crossfire?
Laptops - What is the maximum RAM will my laptop support?
Laptops - Why the webcam application can't work properly?
Laptops - How can I enable/disable webcam on EX610?