Anahtar Kelime

FAQ - Old List

Laptops - There is no sound when using HDMI.
Laptops - When surfing the internet, It is very evident that I can see some garbage data/figure on my screen.
Laptops - I have Vista Home Premium installed and the tilde key (~) does not function in few games, for instance, Crysis, Sins of a Solar Empire and Rome Total War. I guess it has something to do with Windows Vista because I have played these games on Windows XP with no problems.
Laptops - Pressing [Fn]+[F10] buttons to enable ECO function when the notebook is powered with battery pack and CPU speed will reduce from 1.6GHz to 800MHz. Reboot the system and pressing [Fn]+[F10] buttons does nothing to the CPU speed. Only brightness goes back up and symbols pop up. Pressing again does not change CPU speed, only the brightness of the LCD drops a bit and the symbols pop up again. The CPU speed always operates at 800MHz in battery mode.
Laptops - When disconnect AC adaptor and switch to battery mode the screen brightness dims slightly and then the color depth changes and it looks like 16bit color rather than 32 bit.
Laptops - I installed SCM version 1.79 and found out that WLAN and Bluetooth function can't be enabled.
Laptops - How can I differentiate from Motorola modem and Agere modem?
Laptops - Even without using any external monitor connected on VR321 under Windows XP. You will get a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) and system keeps rebooting when display mode is switched ([Fn]+[F2]).
Laptops - When webcam is being activated, it shows TV-tuner device rather than webcam device to induce the webcam malfunctioned.
Laptops - After pressing power button to boot up GX600 notebook, the system suddenly hangs up at POST screen. If you press power button again to reboot the system, GX600 notebook will always hangs up at POST screen.