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FAQ - Old List

Laptops - Why GL960 in Device Manager is displayed as Intel 965 Family?
Laptops - I run out of battery, but I can not charge it anymore, even if I try to charge it for couple of hours.
Laptops - I want to see output display on my external LCD monitor using DVI output, but what is the maximum screen resolution setting for external LCD monitor?
Laptops - L745 wakes up by itself when power off, but I did not change any setting.
Laptops - My LCD screen goes black and recover itself after 5 to 20 seconds when running Vista, then one error message with "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered" information (as shown in the picture). How to solve this problem?
Laptops - Once I playback DVD movie under XP OS, I got BSOD (blue screen of death) with ATi driver error. How can I solve it?
Laptops - P1 key has no function in Vista or XP.
Laptops - Where can I find the driver for the following device? There's an exclamation mark in device manager under WinXP and the device name is "Snowflake emulation with Vendor ID: VEN_147A"
Laptops - When watching TV programs using my MSI XP configured laptop, monitor will show black and white display instead of colored.
Laptops - The LCD backlight will automatically turn off (dim) under battery mode while playing music using Microsoft Media Player for a while.