Anahtar Kelime

FAQ - Old List

Laptops - After "Robson" installation, there will be a yellow excalamtion mark (1) loacted in the device manager's "PCI Memory Controller." (using Windows XP)
Laptops - The problem is that after you log in and create a user account, if you shut the computer down, you see the screen 'Windows is configuration updates….'. However, the notebook is not connected to the internet, so no updates have been downloaded. The notebook freezes on this screen for about 5 minutes and then it shuts down. Once it shuts down and you start it up again, you will again see the Windows is 'Configuration updates….', the screen lasts between 5-10 minutes and then it loads Windows. No matter how many times you reboot, you always see this message.
Laptops - In Windows Vista Media Center, I found an issue regarding DVD playback: There are some unusual colors and figures displayed while playing DVD. My current VGA driver version is
Laptops - After the notebook resume from Stand by (S3) or Hibernate mode (S4), there always this unusual annoying choppy sound can be heard.
Laptops - I tested two DDR400 dimms on my laptop and the memory is running single channel DDR333. Why isn't it running at DDR400? And why isn’t it dual channel?
Laptops - Internal modem fails to dial a number in PULSE mode (TONE mode works okay) with the following message: Error 678: The remote computer did not respond. For further assistance, click More info or search Help and Support Center for this error number.
Laptops - How to disable the tapping function of touch pad?
Laptops - My M510C/M510A touchpad is not working. I have tried to re-install windows and check BIOS settings but the touchpad is still not working.
Laptops - Why I lose part of my screen when I change the display resolution over 1024x768?
Laptops - I got blue screen or system hang on my S250 if 2 pcs. of 512 memory modules are used.