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Laptops - After restart S250, Wireless LAN is disabled!
Laptops - How to install the InstantOn software to a non-empty HDD?
Laptops - I want to disable the touchpad (Synaptics) on my S260/S270.
Laptops - The S-Video Cable is connected from the laptop to the TV, but it does not display any video on the TV when using InterVideo InstantON.
Laptops - With 8 cells (4400 mAh) battery, the battery life is only measured approximately 4 hours on MobileMark 2002. The "Battery and performance test" test type was selected on MobileMark 2002.
Laptops - I have a MSI M510C with Dothan processor. In Windows and BIOS setup my processor is recognized correctly but the processor works at low speed under windows.