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FAQ - Old List

Motherboards - Does This Motherboard support creative SB310 audio card ?
Motherboards - Does this motherboard support Ivy Bridge (22nm CPU)?
Tablet - What to do in case of forgotten password?
Laptops - When pressing Turbo key to activate Turbo Drive Engine(TDE) function, the TDE function will be on for few seconds and then off. (For NVidia GeForce GTX 675M 4GB discrete VGA card inside)
Laptops - Does this model support SATA3.0?
Laptops - Does this model support Intel VT?
Laptops - When I press the TURBO button the system will not overclock, instead I will be redirected to the 3D Mark website, is this normal?
Laptops - Why is it that when I press the TURBO button the system does not overclock, instead a screen will pop up for user-defined key set-up?
Laptops - If more than two user accounts are created in the OS, and whenever users switch OS between these user account without log off, than TDE feature would fail. It means when user switch user account from A to B, and press TDE button in the OS of B account, Turbo function will be disabled immediately after it is enabled.
Laptops - I cannot see the MSI logo during boot up, is there a way to bring back the logo into display?