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FAQ - Old List

Laptops - How to disable the display message during boot up: BigFoot Agent Press Shift + F10 to continue .................
Tablet - How to update BIOS version for MSI 110W?
Tablet - When the table PC is under DC/Battery mode, the windows explorer’s lines/border will become blur (almost unseen). Note: This issue doesn’t apply during AC mode. Please refer to the figure below:
Laptops - I cannot install or execute some software (especially 2011 releases), some of them requires OpenGL 3.1 support.
Laptops - Battlefield 3 is not playable in my laptop. Whenever I install the game, it shows an error that says "Nvidia driver needs to be updated".
Tablet - The system will get BSOD, when I plug the HDMI cable to connect to some monitor.
Laptops - As I change my account from “administrator” to “guest” in Windows 7, I normally see an error message related to Microsoft .NET Framework. Please refer to the figure shown below.
Motherboards - Is it able to plug-in 2 nVIDIA VGA cards?
Laptops - My laptop is equppied with 2*2 GB memory modules, but system shows only 3.92 GB under Windows operation system.
Laptops - What is the maximum memory size that can be upgraded on my Sandy Bridge CPU laptop?