Anahtar Kelime

FAQ - Old List

Laptops - When I unplug my AC adapter, and operating the laptop under battery mode, I found CPU frequency is down to only 800MHz, Nvidia graphic frequency value is also low under battery mode.
Laptops - Webcam cannot be detected by system with BIOS version 10A.
Laptops - I usually got very laggy results even with very fast internet connection when my webcam resolution is set to 720P during video streaming / video calls while better quality results to lower resolution. Moreover, the webcam is advertised to support 720P @ 30FPS in the website. (For laptop that equipped with HD webcam module)
Laptops - I got problem when I plug in the AC adapter to play games like: Mafia II, COD Black Ops, Colin McRae Dirt III. After few second on game image starts to play like 5 or 10 frame/seconds and then black screen. If I change to integrated GPU everything works ok only on discret VGA he has problems. I check that issue on 3D Marks (06 and 2011) and in that test everyting works ok.
Laptops - How can I solve following problems when using different user accounts? 1. S-Bar is not working when login with guest account. 2. The status of switchable devices is incorrect when switch user account.
Laptops - When a eSATA HDD is connected then turn on NB, the NB cannot boot from internal HDD. It can only select E-SATA HDD…
Tablet - Why can’t I be able to use nor even select the web cam/camera (front and back) using MSI CamAP?
Tablet - How can I be able to activate the wifi / webcam / Bluetooth devices?
Laptops - Where can I download a free copy of the PC game bundled with the laptop?
Laptops - Where can I find the power button?