Anahtar Kelime

FAQ - Old List

Laptops - How can I update software tool TimeStamp?
Laptops - I have no idea which wireless adapter is being used in my notebook? How do I know which wireless adapter is being used?
Laptops - When browsing the internet and during some video playback on web site using wireless lan connection, I can encounter blue screen with error code(0*000000D1), is there a fix for this issue?
Laptops - I can hear some noise coming from the speakers (left and right) during audio/video playback on youtube.
Laptops - The system will stop about 20 seconds during POST with some USB mouses.
Laptops - Will Easyface work after resume from ScreeSaver? Or it only works on Window login?
Laptops - Does I-charger application have to work on particular USB port? When IPAD is connected, is there any display to show the charge status?
Laptops - There’s a visible “circular bright figure” can be seen upon OS boot up; restarting the system cannot solve the problem.
Laptops - There is no system information shown in ATI Catalyst Control Center.
Laptops - Benchmark softwares such as 3DMark06 cannot show ATI graphic but only Intel graphic in the system information.