Anahtar Kelime

FAQ - Old List

Laptops - LAN devices disappear after resume from S3. After having put the system in sleep mode if I wake up it then Realtek WLAN & Realtek LAN devices disappear from device manager (even if I try to scan for hardware changes) and so cannot be used anymore, except if I reboot the system, they come back normally and are functional.
Laptops - I tried to install OS into my RAID 0 system built by two hard drives. But the installation process obstructed by an error message "Windows setup could not configure Windows to run on this computers’ hardware."
Laptops - How can I turn on MSI exclusive 3D feature?
Laptops - When I playing QQ game: mah-jongg , the background music becomes choppy.
Laptops - On battery in IDLE state PowerNow technology downgrade CPU frequency form 1.6GHz to 800MHz. After turn on some programs like ORTHOS, PowerNow technology should raise CPU frequency from 800MHz to 1.6GHz. On this situations we have still 800MHz.
Laptops - Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 will display error message “VGA need to have at least 128MB memory” and can't enter the game.
Laptops - How do I know INTEL HM65, HM67 chipset of my msi laptop is B3 stepping version?
Laptops - Even if I set the graphics mode to dedicated graphics, how come that the benchmark score remains around 800 whenever I run 3D Mark06.
Laptops - What is CR650 UMA graphic shared memory size?
Laptops - Is U270 UMA graphic memory 512MB?