Anahtar Kelime

FAQ - Old List

Laptops - System sometimes lags after playing computer games for a while. The problem gets worse when I turn on all special effects in game setting.
Laptops - When playing Blu-Ray titled movies released in 2010 such as Avatar, system cannot play using WinDVD8. Most of the time system will confirm user that software needed to be updated to play the movie or sometimes will play blank screen.
Laptops - Browsing Google earth website under Vista will cause system hang-up.
Laptops - There is no sound can be heard in the first 5 seconds due to the delay in sound transmission over HDMI and after 5 seconds everything goes fine.
Laptops - The touchpad is not sensitive enough or need to pressure harder to move the mouse.
Laptops - CR400 is showing 3GB instead of 4GB in Memtest86.
Laptops - I am running Windows 7 Ultimate on my GE620, but why I can’t use Windows XP Mode on it.
Laptops - The display shows a delay for popping up the menus, Starter menu, Run menu, etc. under Windows XP.
Laptops - If SD card is inserted, the system will hang up in Windows 7 boot logo occasionally during Windows 7 OS loading.
Laptops - After running Windows update, Windows OS becomes piracy and asks me to activate now. How can I fix it?